Do something more than studying

Are you looking for an interesting and educational challenge besides your studies? Advident gives science students the opportunity to work on an project for an external client. Advident guides you in carrying out a project. What projects we receive is entirely up to our clients. This means that the subjects of the various projects can vary from biomedical to sustainability and everything in between. The product of a project can also vary. For example, a client may request an advisory report, a preliminary investigation for his own research or data collected by fieldwork. Sometimes you even have to interview experts for a project.

It could give you an edge on others

New skills

  • Give advice based on your scientific knowledge
  • Learn to translate science into simple texts
  • Work on a project basis
  • Cooperate in multidisciplinary teams
  • Handle discussions with clients and other stakeholders
  • Present solutions convincingly to organisations

A larger network

  • Meet people from the industry
  • Meet other students from different disciplines
  • Get in touch with potential employers

A CV boost

  • Prove that you can do more than studying
  • Employees love your new advisory skills
  • Distinguish yourself from your peers
  • Not all skills can be learned from a book!

Give advice on topics such as




Marine life



Medical devices

And more!

Frequently Asked Questions

Am I well equipped enough to do a project?

If you are following a beta study, chances are high that you have the right profile to work with Advident. As a beta student you are analytical and able to learn a lot of complex matter in a short amount of time. Your study program trains you to get to the core of a problem and to communicate your solution effectively. You might not knew this before, but you’ve got all the skills necessary to become a great advisor!

Both a bachelor’s and a master’s degree are accepted by Advident. Students who follow education in the fields of biology, biomedical sciences, pharmacy, medicine, geosciences, chemistry, physics and mathematics are a the right address. Furthermore, it is important for a project that you have enough time next to your studies to work independently or with your team.

How much time do I need to invest while doing a project?

The amount of time you have to invest in a project varies per assignment, but we prefer people who can spend more than 5 hours a week. If you are not sure if you have enough time, please contact us. Everything is negotiable!