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Monitoring of pharmaceuticals in clinical trials

Berlinger Group is a large international company from Switzerland specializing in, among other things, the monitoring of pharmaceuticals (pharmalogistics). They service their clients by supplying them with temperature sensors, data loggers, and other innovative equipment. By combining multiple data streams they’re able to help the pharmaceutical industry and research institutions ensure the quality and safety of their pharmaceuticals. Berlinger is looking for students who have affinity with biology, pharmacy, and chemistry, to gain greater insight into the most important parameters to monitor.

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  • Minimal effort of 7-10 hours per week
  • 3-4 students
  • Duration of at least 8 weeks after the start

Determination of the shelf life of innovative vitamin shots

Goodshot is a new, innovative start-up that wants to conquer the market by delivering healthy shots made from concentrated natural products at the customer’s home.

Every week, customers receive a package with a number of different shots that they have to take in during the week. Each day has its own shot containing vitamin and nutrients that you can use instead of other supplements (such as vitamin pills).

In order to achieve this, the quality of the shots should remain consistent during the week and should have the same composition of vitamins and nutritional values. Freezing the products is not a desired solution as this increases the effort to consume a shot. This is a complex challenge as each shot contains a different combinations of ingredients.

During this project, you will work together with other students and study the effects of different combinations of ingredients on shelf life. Subsequently, your end product is an advice where you explain how the shelf life could be improved and and give recommendations on the required development steps.

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  • Minimal effort of 5-10 hours per week
  • 2-4 students
  • Duration of at least 5 weeks after the start

Commercialization of circular and sustainable fish farming

Blue Linked is a research and consultancy firm in the field of the marine environment, and currently working to commercialize a revolutionary, sustainable and circular way of fish farming. The owner of Blue Linked is Michaël Laterveer who was responsible for the establishment and maintenance of the Oceanium at Diergaarde Blijdorp for many years. Thanks to his experience in aquaculture, he has developed an antibiotic-free breeding system that retains a high degree of genetic diversity, without compromising yields. To make the development and launch of this new form of fish farming successful, Blue Linked is looking for motivated students to contribute to this.

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  • Minimal of 5 hours per week
  • Interested in aquaculture and start-ups

Certification CO2-compensation

Stichting Trésor is an organization that is dedicated to protecting a nature reserve in French Guiana. They support the conservation and management of tropical rainforest in French Guiana, education on nature conservation and research on biodiversity and ecosystem services.

Because Trésor has a large nature reserve that absorbs CO2 from the atmosphere, it is thought that it can compensate for CO2 emissions elsewhere in the world. There is an emission trading system based on this interaction of CO2 emissions and compensation, and works through emission reduction certificates (CO2 credits). All kinds of organizations can compensate their CO2 emissions by purchasing these certificates from organizations such as Trésor.

Stichting Trésor wants to improve their CO2 compensation efforts by setting up a proper certification procedure. Trésor would like to know from you what certifications are available, which fits with Trésor and how they can achieve the certification.

Do you know about a thing or two about CO2 certifications, or do you want to learn more about it and apply this knowledge to a real organization? Then apply with the form below or mail to For more information, do not hesitate to visit us at our office in the Kruyt-building on Monday’s between 17:00 – 20:00 PM.

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Requirements (negotiable):

  • 5 – 10 hours a week
  • 2-4 team members
  • Interest in sustainability

Inventarisation flora, bats, reptiles and amphibians

A large pharmaceutical company in Weesp has a large piece of nature on its industrial estate. This client wants to know which species are present on the site. The aim is to gain insight into which species of flora, bats and reptiles and amphibians are present, so that they can manage the area as well as possible.

It is your job to find out which types there are and to make recommendations on how best to manage them. The project can be divided into 1) flora, 2) bats and 3) reptiles and amphibians.

There is room to involve substantive experts from the professional field for support.

Would you like to set up and carry out an inventory (possibly with volunteers) and to make recommendations about the management of the (rare) species found? Then send a mail to or fill in the application form below.

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Requirements (negotiable):

  • 5 – 10 hours a week per person
  • 4-5 team members
  • background/interest in ecology and biodiversity

Effectivity mitigation measures

Mitigating measures are taken to prevent the Dutch Flora and Fauna Act being violated. This is the case, for example, when a protected animal species is housed in a building that has to be demolished.

Via mitigating measures, it is then ensured that the possible inconvenience for animal species is minimized. Tauw wants to know whether the measures they have taken for different animal species have actually had the desired effect. Here you also go into the field to test this.

This project is an excellent opportunity to put your ecological knowledge into practice! Do you want to know more or register yourself? Send an email to or sign up via the form below.

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