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The link between students and the life science field

Join a project

Project application

We connect beta students with organisations


Use your knowledge to solve real world challenges

Do projects for organisations

Advident enables students to do projects for real clients. Advident delivers services to governments, voluntary organisations and companies of all sizes. Students expand their professional skills and clients get their questions answered.

Solve a case during an Advident Challenge

During an Advident Challenge you and your team will be challenged to find real life solutions in a short time span. Learn how to perform while under high pressure, how to filter out the critical information from the trivialities and present your team’s solution with a compelling pitch. During the closing drinks you celebrate your team’s victory, an you might arrange that interesting internship at the client.

Join Advident's organisation

Advident is run by students and you can become a part of it. Develop your talent for leadership and manage projects, organise events with your energetic vibe, or acquire new students and projects with your inexhaustible drive. Advident is always looking for ambitious students that want to have a board- or management position. Join us!


Choose for students to solve your problem and discover new talent

Get advice on your problem

With Advident you work with students that have the latest knowledge about your scientific problems. Want to make the organization more sustainable? Questions about your natural environment? Curious about what science has to say about your product development? Because we employ well-educated students from different disciplines, the most versatile questions are not a problem for us. Students who solve your questions will do everything they can to help your organization go a step further.

Get in touch with the best beta students

Looking for talented bèta students?

Students at Advident want more than just studying. They are highly ambitious and are looking for opportunities that potential employers can offer. By doing a project or Advident Challenge, you can discover the ideal candidate for an internship or vacancy. In addition, the student will get to know your organization which will foster a good relationship even before the traditional recruitment process.

Improve your organisation's visibility

Advident is has close ties to students and has strong affiliations with Utrecht University. In this way Advident ensure you that your organization gets the attention of students, and interesting collaborations can be set up between your organization and Utrecht University.

Advident operates as a non-profit organisation, your investment is nothing more than a compensation

Clients & partners


Questions about projects or events, or interested in all possibilities?

Do not hesitate to contact us.

Mail adress: info@advident.org


Visit us between 17:00 – 21:00 at our office in the Kruyt building Z.704 at the Uithof in Utrecht.

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